Fire Extinguishers Service


Fire extinguishers are essential for any structure as they are the first thing used in case of a fire. Capital Solutions provides affordable prices for fire extinguishers in Pakistan. We have trained and certified professionals that can install fire extinguishers at your premises at the optimum spots. Contact us to learn about the fire extinguisher prices in Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


You can now easily buy fire extinguishers online on affordable rates. We offer all type of mobiak fire extinguishers including Co2, Wet Chemical, Dry powder, Foam and Water fire extinguisher with complete servicing solutions. Regulations dictate that all the fire extinguishers inside your premises be serviced or replaced after a certain period of time. Capital Solutions’ professionals are experienced in handling all types of fire extinguisher servicing. We will ensure that all your fire safety equipment is functioning at an optimum level.


Fire extinguisher maintenance is of the utmost importance. In the case of a fire emergency, a faulty fire extinguisher can result in damage and harm. You should schedule periodic maintenance of all your fire safety systems and with Capital Solutions you get one solution for all your fire safety needs. Our technicians can perform all maintenance tasks in an efficient manner.


Have you recently used a fire extinguisher inside your building? If yes, then you should contact Capital Solutions immediately to get it refilled in best price. If you properly maintain and refill fire extinguishers regularly, you don’t have to worry about the price of buying a new one. Our staff comes equipped with the latest tools to refill the fire extinguishers in a safe manner. We will make sure you have peace of mind about your fire safety system.

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