Capital Solutions is a pioneer in providing inspection, functional testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems. We have been providing our services to commercial, industrial, government, and mercantile facilities since 2013. With time, we have expanded our services by adding special hazards, fire alarm and detection systems. The evolution of fire fighting equipment in pakistan continues, and we have added access control systems, fire extinguisher sales and service, and fire protection systems management programs in to our catalog of quality solutions.

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Being the premier fire fighting companies in Pakistan, we pride ourselves in providing comprehensive fire safety services and systems to our clients. Go through our services and select the solution that best fits your requirements.


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We work with different businesses in the safety equipment industry and nurture these relationships to make it easier for our clients to receive the highest possible quality of services and products.


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February 9, 2020

For any project, whether big or small, complications are always to arise. Power outages are not uncommon especially since the whole world depends on it for their day-to-day usage. Backups must always be present in the situation of power outages so that all individuals are able to find their way and don’t lose themselves to … Continue reading “Central Battery Systems (CBS): Comparison and Features”

February 8, 2020

Introduction In the modern world, we live in, every location is unfortunately prone to catching fire. For the same reason, it is imperative that one must be prepared if such a situation was to arise. If proper precautions are not taken, fires could result in an immense loss of lives or other important property. One … Continue reading “Types of Fire Extinguishers and Their Uses; All You Need to Know”

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