Fire Alarm System Services


Capital Solutions is known as a premier fire alarm system supplier in Pakistan. We provide turnkey fire alarm system installation to clients. Our team will perform a survey of your premises and give you the requirements for conventional fire alarm system. We also provide fire alarm installation services for gas detection systems, smoke detectors, and fire extinguisher panels.


If you look at the fire alarm system prices in Pakistan, you will see the importance of regular inspection. Our team will perform a general inspection of the fire alarm system and then they will inspect all individual working parts of the system one by one. Testing each piece ensures that the system remains in the top working condition. They will present you with a report at the end of the inspection.


Maintenance of fire alarm system requires sensitivity and functional tests, which can only be performed by certified technicians. Capital Solutions can take care of these with ease. The fire alarm system installed inside your facility or structure requires annual maintenance to keep performing at an optimized state. Our expert technicians will do step-by-step maintenance to keep every part of it working smoothly.

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