8,12,16 Zone

8,12,16 Zone


The family consists of 3 panels (8, 12 and 16 zones) with identical controls and indications. They have 2 outputs for sirens, an alarm relay, a fault relay and a programmable auxiliary relay. For there operation, two A-986 (12V/7Ah) batteries are required. Alternatively two Α-961 (12V/9Ah) batteries can be used for greater autonomy.

BS-1638 panel has 8 zones. All functions and indications are according to the European norms ΕΝ 54-2 and ΕΝ 54-4.

The panels offer up to 16 zones and are suitable for large installations such as shopping malls, hotels and factories.

They offer a wide range of settings and characteristics for controlling the installation equipment and sirens which can be easily adjusted using a P/C via an Ethernet connection.

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BS-16404 zones extension card for BS-1638
BS-16414 zones extension card for BS-1642
GR-8530Network card through ETHERNET
BS-613Card with zone relays for BS-1638, BS-1642, BS-1646
  • BS-1638
    8 zones
  • BS-1642
    12 zones
  • BS-1646
    16 zones


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